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The Content Council

Pearl Awards FAQ

Q: What will disqualify my entry?

  • Submitting an entry for one of the ‘most improved’ categories, without providing old issues for comparison
  • Submitting entries into one of the ‘integrated marketing’ categories without providing evidence of other marketing efforts (If you're entering the ‘integrated marketing’ category, it's critical to send other samples of the integrated marketing campaign -- a magazine by itself does not an integrated marketing campaign make)
  • Submitting entries for the ‘web’ categories without providing PDFs on disks
  • Submitting entries into the ‘strategy’ categories without answering the supplemental ‘strategy’ questions that appear below the general questions on the entry form
  • Submitting entries for one of the ‘feature’ categories without explaining what you consider to be the feature you wish to have judged
  • Entries that are clearly in the wrong category altogether. For example: A magazine in a web category, etc…
  • Entries that are not entered in triplicate, meaning they can't be sent to all judging venues

Q: Do I have to use the official entry form to submit my entries?
No. You may submit your entry information as a word document or otherwise as long as all of the information requested on the official entry form is provided.

Q: Can I submit entries from the same publication into several different award categories?

Q: Do you accept foreign entries (entries from outside of the US and Canada)?

Q: In regards to the “Best Feature" category – Does this refer to an individual editorial article, a package/editorial theme or both?
Both. What we don't mean by this is a special issue or an entire issue comprised of disparate pieces. Generally most entries will be one feature piece, but there's no reason that feature can't be a group of articles—a package—focused on a single topic.

Q: I am submitting edit, design and strategy entries – can I use the same form for each category?
Yes, however strategy entries require the applicant answer three supplemental questions. These questions follow right below the others on the entry form and are marked accordingly.

Q: If I am entering a magazine, website or newsletter into the “Most Improved” category, should I provide both the new and the old version?
Yes, it's critical to send the old and new versions so that judges can judge the difference.

Q: If I have an entry for a web category, what do I submit?
You must send a disk with the webzine, website, or otherwise in PDF form. We don't know that the judges will have internet access, plus sites change, and the pages you're entering may no longer be available online.

Q: Can I submit a non-English entry?
Yes. Which category you enter it into depends on what the publication is. If it's a magazine, then you should enter it into the best new magazine category; if it's a newsletter, then the newsletter category, etc... If it's another program, such as a book or a brochure or something similar, then the "Other" category works.

Since it's unlikely that a judge will be able to read it, please make sure your application explains the publication's editorial positioning clearly.

Q: Can our company enter our own website rather than one which we've designed for a client?

Q: What are the rules regarding when the piece was published?
Please view this year’s Pearl Awards entry form for the dates in which acceptable programs should be produced.

Q: Who are the judges?
The judges are marketers, designers, editors, and teachers of relevant disciplines—they are not members of The Content Council