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The Content Council

The Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award

We are looking for nominations for the next John Caldwell Award, recognizing an individual who has done something "stand out" and impactful in the content marketing industry. We are looking for an innovator, a visionary in any aspect related to the content marketing discipline.

To recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the development and promotion of the content marketing industry.

John Caldwell was an early pioneer of custom publishing who passed away in 2006. In honor and memory of John’s contributions to the evolution of custom publishing as a marketing channel, The Content Council has created the Caldwell Award.

The award will be presented as deemed appropriate (not more than annually) to an individual who has made significant contributions to the industry by virtue of their leadership and success at promoting the use of content marketing as a discipline and a standard for work that demonstrates excellence in content marketing.

The first Caldwell Award was given at the 2006 Pearl Awards Gala posthumously to John. Future Caldwell Awards will be given periodically at the Pearl Awards Gala subject to nomination and selection.

Background on John Caldwell:
John started Marblehead Communications, a spin off from Crosby Vandenberg Publishing in 1987. He primarily focused in entertainment custom publishing and he truly would have been, at that time, one of the early "legitimately commercial custom publishers working with multiple clients for marketing purposes..."

He sold Marblehead to Cadmus Communications Corporation in 1993 and started Custom Communications Partners on Newbury Street.  He sold that to Forbes in late 2000 and then after leaving Forbes around 2003, John started his own consulting business still working with clients and then also, other custom publishers.

Nomination Process:
Nomination – Candidates for the Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award may be nominated by anyone (member or nonmember). To nominate someone for consideration in 2014, please fill out an application, or email and include the nominee's name; title and company; length of time in or associated with the industry; their demonstrated impact on furthering the custom content industry's growth; and their innovative use of content marketing.

Nominees will be notified of their nomination and invited to accept or decline the nomination within two weeks of the deadline for nominations.

Selection Process:
Selection – Nominations will be evaluated and voted on by a committee of The Content Council consisting of past and current board members.

Upon selection, the Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award recipient will be presented with the Award at the Pearls Gala.

Criteria for Award Selection:
Considerations for criteria selection include:

  • Minimum length of time in (or associated with) the industry
  • Demonstrated impact on furthering the custom publishing industry’s growth
  • Innovative use of content marketing