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The Content Council

Case Studies

Publisher: EnVeritas Group
Client: WIKA
According to Jason McClain, Senior Group Marketing Manager, WIKA’s challenges with content marketing were many years in the making. “Like many manufacturers of non-consumer goods, especially in mature B2B industries, WIKA had a content deficit. We had slipped into producing spec sheets...
Publisher: iostudio
Client: The State of Tennessee
The State of Tennessee offers more than 2,000 programs to help Tennessee families live healthy, prosperous lives. However, until summer 2013, they were difficult to find, especially online. Like independent nations, the six umbrella departments had widespread and varied channels of communication...
Publisher: Ebyline
Client: Pepperdine University
As centers of innovation, universities have a lot to share: groundbreaking research, strong alumni networks, live events and community projects are just a few of them. However, translating what goes on in the lab or what's written on the chalkboard into content that appeals to a broad audience...
Publisher: Ebyline
Client: Sacramento Bee
Like other newspapers, the Sacramento Bee remains the news source of record in its region and the dominant media channel for local advertisers. But it also faces the challenge of continuing to engage both readers and businesses as content and eyeballs migrate online. At the same time, advertisers...
Client: Canadian Tire Corporation
Educate and inspire Canadian drivers in an engaging content format.
Client: Indiana Farm Bureau
In 2010, the Indiana Farm Bureau decided to rethink its existing membership marketing strategy. While the IFB is committed to serving and promoting the agriculture industry, leaders also are aware that of the more than 200,000 farm bureau members, only about 80,000 are farmers. For the IFB, the...
Client: Bacardi Canada, Grey Goose
Increasing Grey Goose vodka consumption at home (vs. hospitality/out-of-home), enhancing the brand’s premium/luxury/authentic values and spotlighting the new Grey Goose Cherry Noir.
Client: Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden wanted to launch its five newest Canadian products with a splash – showing the story of their creation, use and value to women rather than just telling them. Rather than advertising in a beauty magazine, where they could not control the editorial message, they invested in an...
Client: Audi Canada
Audi is a maverick brand that embodies speed, performance and design – not just in its cars, but in its people. From profiling its Canadian chief executive to featuring stories on trailblazing entrepreneurs in music, design, sports and even an Arctic explorer, Audi wanted to use a show not...
Publisher: AUDE
Client: USP Zdrowie
The change of the magazine's image and content from lifestyle (stars on the cover, interviews, advice concerning everyday life) into popular science. Re-definition of the objectives of the magazine, shifting the emphasis from entertainment and lifestyle materials to science and professional...